ABOUT BlueLand 

BlueLand Records was founded in 2009 as a vehicle to record & release music with a foundation in improvisation, yet not easily partitioned to a single genre. This is music that can be enjoyed by many people regardless of whatever specific demographic we may fall into. Thank you for your ears.

The Brian Landrus Quartet was formed in the spring of 2010. The quartet focuses on traditional jazz. Most of their repertoire consists of originals by Landrus, although they do play standards in every concert/recording. The quartet made it's recording debut with BlueLand Records in August 2010 with the recording Traverse.  The band is: Brian Landrus on baritone saxophone & bass clarinet, Michael Cain on piano, Lonnie Plaxico on bass, and Billy Hart on drums. The debut CD Traverse is being released 2-1-2011. Click here to preview/purchase the album.


The Landrus Kaleidoscope was formed in the fall of 2009. The Kaleidoscope is a group which plays music from many genres. The music is composed and arranged by Landrus. Brian grew up playing with Motown, reggae, hip hop, funk, & jazz groups.  This ensemble combines many of these influences in a unique way. Most of all, it feels good!! This band has the combined talents of: Michael Cain on Rhodes, piano, and electric bass, Nir Felder on guitar, Matthew Parish on acoustic bass, Rudy Royston on drums, and Brian Landrus on baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, & bass flute. They recorded their first CD "Capsule" for BlueLand Records in January 2010.  This beautiful recording will be released in spring of 2011. Click here to preview/purchase the album.